Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous


  • As a visual artist she was selected from the ministry of education end culture and other cultural committees, from Cyprus and abroad, after competitions and represented Cyprus and Greece in different European and international salons, exhibitions, Biennales and Triennales, at the fields of painting, engraving, architecture, photography, stage and costume design, installation, video art, short films (experimental, animation, documentary).
  • Since 1999 she produced 25 short films and video art works.
  • Since 2006 she represents Cyprus in the women's international group of video artists FemLink.
  • From 1997 to the present day, collaborates with various theatre companies and with the Cyprus Theatre Organization as a set and costume designer in the production of 17 theatrical plays
  • In addition, she organized various international cultural events, urban interventions, and realized artistic publications. Many of those were done in collaboration with the artist and scientist Achilleas Kentonis.
  • They are also the founders and the directors of ARTos Foundation (centre for contemporary Arts and Sciences - which was awarded with the University of Cyprus Award for the Contribution to Culture and Society in 2008.
  • She is a researcher, activist based on the philosophy of the social transformation
  • In more recent years she has been studying philosophy and been taking part in a study programme at the psychology department of the Aegean University (Counseling and life coaching).
  • She is teaching part time at Neapolis University, Pafos.
  • She received distinctions and awards for different kind of creation.

“My work is diverse and multidimensional. As a result it can showcase artworks in all kind of forms of visual art. As a restless artist, I investigate and embody heterogeneous elements from other sciences. Sciences blend with arts. After all as Nicholas Bourriaud states,"art Works as a temporary terminal of an interconnected network elements, such as a narrative that stretches and re - interpret previous narratives.” That is because for me ART=LIFE and LIFE=ART. 

My art is a blend of alchemy, philosophy, aesthetics, secret universal laws, research, excesses and subversions in this time-space. It is a poetic critical view of our world, our life in all its variation via an aesthetic observation. Sometimes with humor and sometimes with sarcasm but the same time offering food for thought and reflection. My concern is to create an impact in the society believing that at the end of the day the real artwork is the soul of each one of us.

With strong persistence, I emerge myself into the ancient and more recent knowledge, in philosophy, psychology, speculations, myths, laws and I m finding myself charmed with the universal truths, alchemies of all sorts and always from poetry. “Where there are no secrets there is no poetry" as stated by Nicolas Calas. 

 I motivate and share ideas, dreams and visions implying that philosophical thinking has no meaning if it has no impact on life, if it does not stand as practical philosophy. Ultimately this invention of a new "we" remains the main objective of my artwork that raises the philosophical thought as sociopolitical practice. And means remain simple: innocence and beauty are revolutionary forces. 

My playful handling of artistic means essentially confirms and states as a fundamental starting point of my practice: “I see everything as painting!" The painting view over the whole world is the driving force behind my manifold work where the alchemical alteration of matter in thought meets the mutation of words and reflections on visual matters- Intellect-Alchemy-Mutation.


I divide my work into two sections:

Section A: "Bad poets are nourish by the events, the moderate from the emotions and the good once from the transformation of nothing to something." - Odysseas Elytis

Artworks, with autonomous plasticity, humble and penetrative exercises of the intuition; a dive in the deep landscapes of the subconscious, in the collective memory and deep-rooted "truth" of the world. Irony and humor as self awareness and a way for balance. Their intention is to reveal a personal poetic language which transmits energetic and emotional eruptions They compact the whole development and analysis of the visual exercise, based on the notions of memory, time and space, the pain and the joy, but the same time the activation of the material. The transformation of the humble and worthless material into poetry. 


Section B: "Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge and unbearable sorrow for the suffering of mankind.” - Bertrand Russell 

Focuses on the common universal issues and concerns the art works have anthropocentric orientation. My concern is to create an impact in the society, triggering reflection, giving food for thought. Through an interactive process / game, I invite and challenge the viewer, I raise questions and offer a spark for questioning, for an ontological evolution of consciousness, an awakening and awareness of our true being. The requested outcome is to remember the “Truth” “Α-λήθεια” and discover together a new, a forgotten well-being (ευ-ζην). A social sculpture, a social painting.”